It should measure the good performance or the severe knee of the couple one at PPTV.

Sit Pakphanang and Dang Khaotrai are the teamwork of Palangmai group , and they have confirmed about the master one of Suek Rachadamnern Super Fight broadcasted on this 17th January 2016. Besides, this program might be setup at Rachadamnern PPTV at 3.00 p.m. between Yodsiam to fight with Rungsangtawin in 127 pound equally. Fortunately, each of them has his own advantage ; namely, the good performance and severe knee. Then, it depends on the way to fight.


Therefore, Sit Pakphanang and Dang Khaotrai or the assistant teamwork of Palangmai group have revealed their mind to the reporters of Muai Siam that now Sommai Sakulmateta has brought Yodsiam Sorchor Wichitpadreaw to fight with Rungtawan Sit A. Bunchob. Moreover, they might fight as the master one of Suek Rachadamnern Super Fight on this 17th January 2016 at Rachadamnern PPTV boxing stadium since 3.00 p.m. in 127 pound equally. Thus, this couple one might fight in the big match while Yodsiam has his good left kick and Rungtawan has his severe knee. Then, it depends on the pattern to fight on this game.

The assistant teamwork of Palangmai group said at the end that each of them has his own different way to fight ; namely, the performance or knee. Thus, Rungsangtawan may be knocked by his left kick as well as Yodsiam might be knocked by the knee of another too.

“Phetchingchai” has been the winner with 36 years old.

Lately, Phetchingchai A. Phitakpornchai has showed the excellent form since he is 36 years old ; however, he still has his good strength to grasp the champion of Muai Thai on the Semi Final round on last Saturday of 26th December in A.D. 2015. Besides, on channel 8 it might broadcast the program on 7.20-9.00 p.m. at Max Stadium boxing stadium. Therefore, he might grasp for 50,000 baht with the beautiful champion belt.

On the Champion Muai Thai for the Semi Final round , it has selected for 4 boxers to fight on the 1 champion day. Then, it has selected for the good form boxer by drawing a lots to select for each couple one. Then, it has brought for the winner to grasp the champion , and the winning prize might be totally 50,000 baht with the 20,000 baht champion belt. Moreover, the competition has been broadcasted on 7.20-9.00 p.m. through channel 8 at Muai Max Stadium Pattaya.

On this Saturday of 26th December in A.D. 2015 or at the end of the year Phetchingchai A. Phitakpornchai or the old 36 years old boxer has showed the excellent form. Besides, he has overcome Rungsaklek K. Kesanon by fighting with funniness before fighting on the final round with Onechana Phalaphon Huahin on the first round by overcoming Flukbameekaew prior to fight for the final round. Finally, it has 2 Superfight couple boxers for fighting on this program.

Thus, there might be Chirdchai Phuket Airport to lose the score to Phetmongkol A. Udommongkol by fighting with funniness , Silarit Ch. Sampheenong to overcome the scores of Klakhunsuek with several ones and the final couple one or Phetchingchai to knock Onechana only on the first round by spending times with 1 minute and 5 seconds to grasp the prize of 50,000 baht with the champion belt.

Baowee is satisfied in his master piece.

For A.D. 2015, it was the lucky year of Phetsongkhom Sitchareonthrab or the master disciple of Baowee or Chareonthrab Kertbanchong after he has grasped the champions when he is in the old age. of Toyota Hilux Rewo when he is in the old age. Besides, he has grasped the champion of Toyota Hilux Rewo program for gaining 500,000 baht by winning Superball Teemuenglei on the Final round. After that, he has grasped the second champion of the boxing round of Toyota Marathon on the last boxing stadium to gain another 300,000 baht. Unfortunately, he has lost his couple one on the next round or the final round to Sam A of 5 stars chicken daew yim on last Sunday.

Lately, Baowee or Chareonthrab Kertbanchong has admired his beloved boxer because although he has been painful on his ribs he can pass into the final round for fighting with Sam A. Then, he grasped only the second champion on this match after he has this problem since fighting with Superball on Toyota Hilux Rewo program to Toyota Marathon. But, only grasping this prize it has showed of his progress beyond his dream already.

Don’t be worry for “Kumarndoi” to be removed from the match.

Lungkraeng or Kraengrit Chitphakdee or the big boss of S. Chitphakdee boxing camp has confirmed that now Kumarndoi or his boxer in the team is sick until being removed from Suek Thong Chai. However, he might not have the list to fight for the birthday program of Rachadamnern instead as everyone believes. In addition, Lungkraeng has informed to Thongchai that this boxer isn’t well , and it depends on Thongchai to make a decision for letting this boxer to fight on the birthday of Rachadamnern program.

The big boss of S. Chitphakdee has confirmed that recently that now Kumarndoi is really sick until being removed from Suek One Thong Chai already. However, he still might not have the list to fight for the birthday of Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium match. Then, the match fighting on this 16th December it has brought Yodmongkol to fight instead of him. As the result, the way that Kumarndoi might fight for the birthday of Rachadamnern match depending on the decision of Thongchai only to make his good honor.

“Fahsethong” is going to defeat the twin.

The trainer Oat including with Teacher Somporn Sorchor Piekutai has guaranteed about  the practicing of Fahseethong Sorchor Pieakutai whether to have the better body condition than  the last match. Then, in the next match he might fight with Kengkla Ph. Pekko to show with full performance in order to knock this couple one. Additionally, he might grasp the champion to celebrate of New Year day surely , so it should best regard for the Muay Thai fans to follow   this game without feeling disappointed for sure.

After Sia Chun Kertphet has brought Kengkla Ph. Pekko to fight with Fahseethong Sorchor Piekutai as the master one of Suek Muai Thai Ched See broadcasted on Sunday of 27th December 2015 at Morchitchedsee boxing camp. Lately, there are 2 big trainers of Sorchor Piekutai boxing camp and the trainer Oat and teacher Somporn to confirm about the practicing of this boxer as the stronger one without any problem. Thus, now Fahsethong has his better body condition , so he might fight with whom without trouble in order to grasp the champion to be cheered up surely.

The trainer of Fahsethong said that on the latest match Fahsethong has won Kengkart or the twin of Kengkla until now he has his better body condition with stronger soul. Therefore, this time this game might be his difficult task, except for being confidence about his perfect body condition to work severely in order to satisfy the Muay Thai fans by grasping the champion in this New Year.