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“TheStar” might show his performance.

The Trainer Toon Nongkee is really confident that the beloved boxer of motorcycle riders or TheStar Sengsimuewyim might be the winner continuously to fight in 134-135 pounds with everyone. Besides, he has his strong mind and just won his junior one as Rittawada Sittikul to be stronger more than the past.

After TheStar Sengsimeawyim has won the score of Rittitawada Sittikul in Suek Muai Thai ChedSee on last Sunday at Morchit Muay Thai camp. Then, later trainer Toon Knongkee has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that he would like the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to cheer up for TheStar by quaranteeing on his performance to be the winner continuously. Then, in the future he might become the master couple boxer easily to fight in 134-135 pounds , and now he can face with everyone after winning Rittawada to have his better body condition and heart. As the result, he is ready to face with Rittawada again without escaping.

Trainer Toon said that now he is accepting that TheStar has his strong heart to fight ; however, recently he hadn’t fought continuously prior to win the boxer from countryside by fighting in 134-135 pounds. Thus, we are ready to fight with full performance.

“Sia Moo” has thanked for the executives.

Sia Moo Phuket or Weerapon Panchuai has thanked for the commander Surakorn Chatumat and his teamwork or Executive , especially for the lieutenant Sanporn Pongsabut or the head of academic field , who trusts him to work for Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee Kirkkrai on channel 5. Then, he confirms to do his best task emphasizing on funniness as same as the last matches.

Besides, the way to become the promoter of Suek One Weerapon at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium under Suek Phetyindee is the chance for Sia Moo to work with the broadcasting program by the supporting of the executives of Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium. On the other hand, in the past  Sia Moo had created the famous name for TGN channel until being accepted from the Muay Thai fans in Thailand and now he has worked for Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee Kirkkrai on channel 5.  Besides, lately he just created the well-known name for the last match of this program on last Saturday of 26th April 2014 , especially for the master couple boxer between Riangdate and Keptawan to fight with funniness. Then, now he announced that he might do his best task continuously.

Furthermore, Sia Moo said that he is so glad that everyone is satisfied in his work , especially to thank for the executive or the commander Surakai Chatumat and the lietenant Sanporn Pongsabut who trust me to work in this field. Then, he confirms to work with full time and devote himself to create the great work with not worrying.

“Bank” would like to get revenge with “Superlek WorSangphraphai Muay Thai Camp” in Thailand again.

Superbank of Rattanabundit university has lost the game to Superlek W. Sangphraphai Muay Thai camp in Suek Mahawachirawut of Songkhla province on last 30th March 2014. However, he is still wondering in his performance until can’t sleep. Then, he would like to get revenge with his old boxer again in 124-125 pounds and would like the promoter to help him much.

Moreover, in the latest match Superbank was defeated by Superlek W. Sangphraphai with unbelievable way in Suek Mahawachirawut or the big match of Songkhla province. However, he still fought with funniness to be favored of the South boxing fanclub although he is the loser of the game. Then, he would like the promoter to setup this game again to let him for get revenge for clearing his wonder in 124-125 pounds.

Therefore, Superbank revealed that in the latest match he is still wondering in his performance and he feels not good. Then, he would like to fight again in 124-125 pounds without making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans in Thailand by the helping of the promoter.