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“Tui” has made the list of “Yodphayak” to fight more.

The Sergeant Tui or Sangmorakot has confirmed that now he is ready to make the list of Yodphayak Kaokaiyim to fight continuously although in the past this boxer is the big one to find the couple boxer so hard. However, Tui might make the list of his boxer to fight continuously for gaining enough incomes to take care of himself and earning to support his family as Tui’s promise.

The Surgeant Tui Sangmorakot or the promoter of Suek Sangmorakot at Lumphinee boxing stadium and the excellent promoter of Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium said after Yodphayak has overcome Tengneung in Suek Chao Muai Thai in the last match , he has confirms to make the list of Yodphayak Kaokaiyim continuously although he is the big one to find the couple boxer to fight so hard. Nevertheless, it should let his boxer to fight continuously for having incomes to earn his family and himself further.

The Surgeant Tui has confirmed that it should accept that for the big weight of boxing program ,  it might find the couple boxer to fight so hard. Thus, he might try to find the suitable one for him to fight every month with his promise. Then, he shouldn’t be worried ,except from fighting with good form and funniness in order not to be leaved absolutely.

“Panomrunglek” should reduce much weights.

Panomrunglek Kertmu 9 has aimed to grasp the world champion in this year , so in this end of term he might fight for the international ones only. Besides, Panomrunglek might grasp for the belt champion in 115 pounds by putting his effort to join in One Heng to protect the world champion on this 5thFebruary 2015.

For another excellent boxer or Panomrunglek Kertmu 9 , before he has grasped the world champion from Daiki Kamate , he had still have less score in the early match before winning this game. Later, he has taken turn to fight in both Thai and International one in order to wait for a chance to grasp the world champion again. On the contrary, this year he might fight for the international one only according to the informing of SiaNao or Wirat Wachirarattanwong in order to grasp the world champion in 115 pounds. Thus, he might reduce his weight from fighting in 118 pounds to 115 pounds to grasp this champion of program as well.

In this year, SiaNao has allowed him to fight in only the international program on Heng one to protect the world champion at Nakornsawan province by this 5th February 2015. But, SiaNao might reduce his weight to fight in 115 pounds in this year to grasp the world champion.

Believe or not that “Khunharn” is the real excellent one.

Now, RitChitmuengnon or the famous boxer from Chit Mueng Non Muay Thai training camp has SiaOunMuengnon to take care of the training in the great way. Then, it is confident that with his good experience , he might overcome his couple boxer or the winner in all match as KhunharnlekKertchareonchai of course for fighting as the second couple boxer of SuekKertphet on this 30th December 2015.

Promoter Chun Kertphet and the teamwork of Kertphet has made the new list of couple boxers on the final match to fight on this Tuesday of 30th December 2014 at Lumphinee boxing stadium with interesting program by bringing the excellent couple boxer in Payakthongkham team or the faith one for the Muay Thai fans to fight as ones after being favor to the Muay Thai fans. Now, all couple boxers might fight on this 30th December 2014 ; namely, the master couple boxer or the new one that is Wittayalek Phetsemuen to fight in 102 pounds with the channel 7 or PhetrungSitsornong , which is the attractive one for the Muay Thai fans much because of the freshness of Phetrung following by the second new couple boxer between RitChitmuengnon to face with KhunharnlekKertchareonchai to fight in 107/108 pounds.

OuanMuengnon revealed that for Rit , he is ready to defeat Khunharnseuklek or the winner in 12 matches because he has his more experiences than his couple boxer no matter of facing with Yodatsawintransports , AnuwatNumyeantawanna and PrachanbarnWisutchareonyon. Then, it should make a prediction whether Khunharnlek might overcome Rit or be the loser , so it might invite the Muay Thai fans to watch for this couple boxer in this time.