Reach to the peak due to old age.

Now, the former of 3 champions or Thong Puideenaidee has appreciated about the fact until making decision to quit from fighting in the boxing circle. Moreover, he told that it is the suitable time for him to do as this way with his much age and his not perfect of body condition. Then, he will find the route to be the boxing teacher in foreign countries to keep money.

Thong is one of the boxers , who has fought for a long time and be successful in 122 pounds champion for 3 boxing stadiums , such as Lumphinee , Rachadamnern and Thailand. Lately, the reporters have met him prior to know the details that now he made a decision to quit from this circle , and this 34 years old man from Roied province revealed that the reason to quit is because of his much age and terrible body condition after fighting since he was 10 years until 34 years old right now. However, at this moment everything has changed until on the last match he has lost to Superball Teemeunglei as well as losing for 2-3 times at the countryside. Finally, he has reviewed all information and appreciated about the fact to quit from this circle although he has gain at the most level for 80000 baht. However, now he has his enough budget to quit from this way to become the boxing teacher in foreign countries until he has informed his friends in foreign countries to find some works to him. Therefore, now he has waited for the good news , but would like to thank for the promoters , the head of his boxing camp and the Muay Thai fans to send encouragement to him all the times including to tell everyone about his quitting.

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