Bargain 2 pounds ; “Phetuthong” might be tried.

The professional boxer or Thep Thamma has analyzed the dream couple boxer that might fight with each other for the first time between Phetuthong A. Kwanmueng to bargain weight for 2 pounds in order to fight in 127.5 pounds. Besides, he might prove the performance with the beloved boxer of students or Sangmanee S. Thianpho. However, Phetuthong always lost the left fist as this couple boxer ,but in the last match he has knocked Taksinlek Kertniwat or the left one. Then, he has the high prone to be the winner in this match with his doing best by the supporting of Big Song.

Now, Sangmanee has been made the list as the second couple boxer of Suek millionaire of S. Sommai broadcasted on this Monday of 30th March 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Besides, Big Song has made the list of Phetuthong A. Kwanmueng to fight with Sangmanee S. Thianpho or the classic couple boxer who never met each other before to fight in 127.5/129.5 pounds by Phetuthong to bargain weight for 2 pounds. In addition, it is because his latest form is in the better way.

According to the attitude of Thep Thamma or the professional and popular promoter, he has told the reporters of Muai Siam Daily that in his eyesight this grade of the couple boxer is not in different way. Moreover, Sangmanee is the first one to grasp 100,000 baht first in the last match , so if Sangmanee has fought in this weight , he has his high ratio to be the winner although he has his more disadvantages than his couple boxer or the left fist one. On the other hand, if everyone has noticed well it can see that Phetuthong hasn’t been familiar to fight with the left one , except for knocking him , such as for Taksinlek.

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