Confirm that “Khao” is ready to fight with “Rit”.

Now, Paranchai hasn’t made the disappointment to anyone , and in this moment he will fight as the first boxer of Suek Chit Mueng Non on this Wednesday of 29th April 2015 with Rit Chitmuengnon after they have prepared the readiness to fight in excellent way.

Besides, Paranchai Adithepworaphan is the good quality and accepted boxer in Paranchai boxing camp from Sub-Disrict of Thungsong in Nakornsrithammarat province. Moreover, in the past all boxers in this boxing camp always create the outstanding works until grasping the excellent new star prize of the year. Lately, Khao Pharanchai or the hot star one has his queue to fight as the first one in Suek Chitmuengnon on this Wednesday of 29th April 2015 to fight with Rit Chit Muengnon with the suitable couple one.

Later, the reporters have been revealed from Kodea that his boxing camp has seen importance on the quality first , so every boxers might have their readiness to fight only with the good quality of the boxing camp. In addition, the teamwork of this boxing camp always confirm about this subject , and if any boxer in this boxing camp has been the winner , he might gain the special prize in every time.

Kodea revealed that in the case of Kao Pharanchai now he might fight with Rit Chit Mengnon , and he wouldn’t like everyone to worry about this boxer much because he is the diligent with good attention as well as his good body condition to fight. Then, in this match he might have his great form to win his couple boxer surely after in the last match he has defeated Koko Paemeanburi with funniness. Therefore, if the boxers in this boxing camp have any problem , the teamwork of this boxing camp might not release them to fight in the Muay Thai stadium certainly.  As the result, this boxing camp is the quality one focusing on not making the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans no matter to be the winners or losers , except for considering on the diligence of the boxers.

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