“Wreak” pleased “Mit” set the muay thai tournament

“Assawindam” Pol.Maj.Gen. Dr. Sawreak Pinsinchai please Mit Nakorn, Sumeth Suesattabongkoch to show in Assawindam muay thai war in love broadcast channel 9 on Sunday 17 November because he is a good boxer, honest, good and have human relations.

“Assawindam” Pol.Maj.Gen. Dr. Sawreak Pinsinchai pass the long experience of life for see people. With his professional experience and understanding people and ready to help the good person, its developed the working form and make a good result. He have stable stance and clear especially in the committee so Thai boxing fans from Thailand admire committee of channel 9 is the number one committee because they have the judge and fair. Now, Assawindam is developed the working as the promoter again under the leadership teams of the teachers Surat Senglor by give “Mit Nakorn” show his work.

“Mit Nakorn is honest, plain-spoken, brave in the true and brave to work. I think he has a future in the promoter. He respects the older, kind to the younger and friendly with his friend so I pull him to help me on Sunday 17 November. This muay thai match is new and exotic sure” Sawreak reveals.

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