“The referee named “Samat” has confirmed to work with totally 19 people.

The vice technique head of Rachadamnern boxing stadium or Samat Chantakhloi always performs  his task with honesty at the best as behalf of the head of technique acting. Besides, now it has left the referees at Rachadamnern boxing stadium for 19 people , but it is sufficient to open for the registering of the new ones to support in this team too.

It has Korkor Samat Chantakhloi to be as behalf of the first vice head of technique at Rachadamnern boxing stadium and Korkor Sinchai Chulawong to be the second vice head of technique acting replacing to the head or referees of technique named Chuchat Kaokit. Besides, the head of the boxing stadium have been stopped his 4 referees Kaokit to work , so he should have his duty and role to perform with the assignment of him to take control of the decision in suitably way. Thus, he might pay attention to perform his work for the best with his honesty , and for these 4 referees he might not say anything more than this way because it is the subject of the head of the boxing stadium to assign the work to the leftones as the best by performing his works with steps as well as his second head of technique or Sinchai Chulawong and others to judge for this program too.

For the referees at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , there will be 19 people with being taken a rest for 4 people , but one of all referees named Samat have confirmed that it can work without problem. However, in the future the referees might retire on 55 years-old to be made the agreement in each year depending on the head of the boxing stadium to consider.

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