It is appreciated for “Mit” to support 2 disciples ; Krukai has quaranteed not to make disappointment to anyone.

Krukai Meungnongbua has thanked for the promoter Mit Nakorn in order to give the good opportunity for 2 disciples ones in order to fight at Bangkok of Suek One Mit Chai broadcasted on this 26th November 2015. Then, it has confirmed that both body conditions are better although this small boxer is on the countryside. However, it has emphasized on the quality as the main one without making confidence to let the Muay Thai fans to feel disappoint surely.

Krukai Muengnongbua is really glad with his gold heart and he is crazy to show the good performance to his 2 disciples that are Yokmangkorn and Sandate in order to prove his performance at the standard boxing stadium again. Then, it should guarantee for both of them to fight with full performance to bring the belt champion to Nongbua boxing camp.

Therefore, it has to thank for the promoter to give the opportunity for the small boxing camp as Nongbua by sending the boxers to show the good performance at Bangkok again on Suek One Mit Chai. Then, it has begun from bringing Yokmangkorn to fight with Narongthong by applying his knees. Moreover, Sandate might fight with Khongfak as the supporter of the program , and it has accepted that the strength and the strategy of them are the second one ,except for preparing themselves by practicing in the great way. Thus, on this boxing camp there will have Phetnakae as the supporter to show the good strategy by fighting fully and try his best though it is the small boxing camp.  On the contrary, it should emphasize on the quality without making disappointment to anyone.

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