“Phetchingchai” has been the winner with 36 years old.

Lately, Phetchingchai A. Phitakpornchai has showed the excellent form since he is 36 years old ; however, he still has his good strength to grasp the champion of Muai Thai on the Semi Final round on last Saturday of 26th December in A.D. 2015. Besides, on channel 8 it might broadcast the program on 7.20-9.00 p.m. at Max Stadium boxing stadium. Therefore, he might grasp for 50,000 baht with the beautiful champion belt.

On the Champion Muai Thai for the Semi Final round , it has selected for 4 boxers to fight on the 1 champion day. Then, it has selected for the good form boxer by drawing a lots to select for each couple one. Then, it has brought for the winner to grasp the champion , and the winning prize might be totally 50,000 baht with the 20,000 baht champion belt. Moreover, the competition has been broadcasted on 7.20-9.00 p.m. through channel 8 at Muai Max Stadium Pattaya.

On this Saturday of 26th December in A.D. 2015 or at the end of the year Phetchingchai A. Phitakpornchai or the old 36 years old boxer has showed the excellent form. Besides, he has overcome Rungsaklek K. Kesanon by fighting with funniness before fighting on the final round with Onechana Phalaphon Huahin on the first round by overcoming Flukbameekaew prior to fight for the final round. Finally, it has 2 Superfight couple boxers for fighting on this program.

Thus, there might be Chirdchai Phuket Airport to lose the score to Phetmongkol A. Udommongkol by fighting with funniness , Silarit Ch. Sampheenong to overcome the scores of Klakhunsuek with several ones and the final couple one or Phetchingchai to knock Onechana only on the first round by spending times with 1 minute and 5 seconds to grasp the prize of 50,000 baht with the champion belt.

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