“Kiekkak” has much energy to fight with anyone in 122-123 pound.

Pok Mahachai has confirmed that at this moment his boxer or Kiekkak Paoin can fight in 122-123 pound with everyone in continuous ways.  However, in the past he has accepted that he is still confused for the perform fee of Kiekkak from the first to the third round to have in the less way than his couple one. Then, he would be glad if anyone has the information can tell him to have the working information for applying in his improvement work too.

Pok Mahachai or the big boss of N&P Boxing and the Teamwork of assistant Bangrachan has revealed that after Kiekkak has overcome Khomkert in the last match for fighting in 122-123 pound , he can fight with anyone without afraid.

Additionally, Pok has accepted that recently he is really confused much about the perform fee of Kiekkak which is in the less way. Thus, if anyone has the information can tell him to use as the working information for improving his work further.

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