Currently “Kaewkangwarn” has his top form to win all boxers.

In this hour, Teacher Oud Buayai is really confident in the good performance of his boxer in the boxing camp ; namely, Kaewkangwarn Plewwayo to overcome Superlek of Rattanabundit university for sure. Furthermore, lately his form is in the down way little by little , so the Muay Thai fans of Kaewkangwarn is waiting to know the winner result for the match of Suek million baht of One King Thong setup at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium.

Therefore, although in the past Superlek is the strong one with his better form than Kaewkangwarn Plewwayo , now his form is worse than him. Then, on this Monday of 7th March 2016 on Suek One King Thong at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium they might fight with each other again with the supporting of Winai Naksin and the assistant or Ponlarat Rodraksa. Then, it should predict whether superlek might be diligent to fight or Kaewkangwarn might be the winner until becoming to be 100,000 baht boxer.

Teacher Oud Buayai has revealed to the reporter that in this hour Kaewkangwarn has his fresh form by winning several boxers. Then, with his good practicing , great body condition , nice strategy and good speed it can tell that no one can’t overcome him including of superlek. Furthermore, now Superlek is older , so his performance is dropping. Similarly, Teacher Oud has bested regard for the Muay Thai fans to cheer his boxer too.

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