“Ploywittaya” has grasped the champion for Thairat program.

Wan Bangkhane or one of the teamwork in Suek One Thong Chai has confirmed that now it has the excellent one of Yod Muai Thairat in 126 pounds to fight in this match between Ploywittaya Moosapanmai Phetsemuen fighting with Phetmuengchon Sudsakorn Muai Thai Yim. Besides, there are others to fight without changing the lists.

For Suek Excellent one of Thairat that might broadcast on this Saturday of 26th March 2016, there will be the promoter Thongchai Rattanasuban and the teamwork of Thairat who have made the lists of the couple ones. Lately, Wan Bangkhan has confirmed that every couple boxers might join in this program without changing for anyone ; namely, the master one or Ploywittaya Moosaphanmai to grasp the champion of Excellent one in Thairat of 126 pounds with Phetmuengchon Sudsakhornmuaithaiyim , Muengchonlek P. Suanthong fighting with Yodkhunphon W. Yeanyong, Yodphuluang Huarongnamkhang fighting with Sornthong T. Laksong following by the first one or Kaodeng Sujeemabeekaew fighting with Salatan Toyotarayong after the master one or Yodkhunphon Nithiphatthanaikhwam fighting Phetseksan Liamthanawat and the last one or Rambolek Ladnongsee fighting with Rungrianglek S. Somphot. Thus, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss to let the boxers for proving of his performance at the boxing stadium.

Wan said that on this Sunday the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss for watching this game with the same boxers. Then, it should be confident that the game to fight might be amusing. And, for other couple ones it should wait for a little time to watch the game.

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