“Beaw” has guaranteed that “Phonkrit” might show the good form.

Baew Luakmakhamwarn has told the Muay Thai fans not to be worried about the training. Besides, Phonkrit T. Aewchareonthong Phuket will grasp the champion in 118 pounds on channel 7 with Chakdaew Thepkaserm. Then, this couple one will be the master one of Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Saturday of 6 July in A.D. 2016. Thus, the Muay Thai fans should wait to see the performance of the couple one after Phonkrit has been the loser for once time on channel 7.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See that will broadcast on this Saturday of 6 August in 2016, it will postpone the time to be 1.45 p.m. In addition, it is because on this Sunday of 7 August in 2016 it might broadcast the referendum. Therefore, there will be the master one or Phonkrit T. Aewchareonthongphuket fighting with Chakdaew Thepkaserm as the champion in 118 pounds after Phrakaiphet Nitisamui has canceled on this match. Therefore, in this game Baew Luakmakhamwarn has guaranteed that Phonkrit will get the revenge and grasp the champion in this game for sure.

Therefore, in this time Phonkrit is really confident in this match because he has won the couple boxer before with good practicing and good body condition. Then, in this match he should train himself with the good right chin and good performance to fight. Similarly, he still has his good trainers , such as Kumarnngen and Dargey , so he might grasp the champion easily.

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