It has all cleared the problem between Kamphanat and The director of Rachadamnern.

Now, Kamphanat Chusuwan or the big boss of K. Kamphanat boxing camp and one of the teamwork has brought the basket to make the apologies to the technical director of Rachadamnern already. Besides, in the earlier it had the misunderstanding with the moody mood of him. However, now he has his better mood after he has made the apologies to this technical director of Rachadamnern boxing stadium already with appreciate for the showing of kindness to his boxing camp and him much.

The big boss of K.Kamphanat said that now he has reviewed of his mistakes that he should improve himself much ,especially for his adulthood. However, now he has his better feeling after knowing that this technical director has understood about his role without any wondering to make the problem. Therefore, he still believes in the fairness of all directors not to be prejudiced against anyone surely.

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