Must Know Facts about Muay Thai

Muay Thai, now, is not just a traditional boxing art of Thailand; it has been  popular worldwide. In fact, it is more of a self-defence art than boxing. Apart  from it, it is a national sport of Thailand, which has made Thailand famous all  over the world. To learn Muay Thai in Thailand, people come here from all over  the world. Many people attend training camps to learn this art in Thailand.

While this art has a great value among martial art lovers and boxing lovers,  you should be known to a few facts about it. Here are a few must know facts  about Thai Boxing:

The Purpose

The very first fact to know about Thai Boxing is it is an art of  self-defence, which was originated during wars where shoulders have to defend  them smartly from opponents while moving ahead towards win. Apart from using the  armaments, soldiers had used their body parts that include feet, leg, hand,  elbow, head, and ankles to defend them from attacks being done from all corners.  Muay Thai is great way to defend you from attackers in cases you are surrounded  with many attackers.

Martial Art

Thai Boxing, like martial art, is practised without weapons using body parts.  Whereas martial art uses only a few body parts, Thai boxing is known to use  eight limbs for a better, a smart, and an energetic defence.

Thai Boxing

Muay Thai is not just a self-defence technique; it is a part of Thai Boxing.  Yes, it is a popular sport in Thailand. In fact, Thai Boxing is a national sport  of Thailand. It is a boxing art in which the striker attacks the opponent on the  neck to beat him in as less strikes as possible.

These are a few facts about Muay Thai that you should know. If you are not  known to these facts then there is no meaning to learn this art at training  camps or at training centres. When you learn something then it is must to  understand what that art is, where it is originated, what are its basics, and so  on. And, when you know the basics of that art only then you can make a wise  decision about getting it learned.

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