“TheStar” might show his performance.

The Trainer Toon Nongkee is really confident that the beloved boxer of motorcycle riders or TheStar Sengsimuewyim might be the winner continuously to fight in 134-135 pounds with everyone. Besides, he has his strong mind and just won his junior one as Rittawada Sittikul to be stronger more than the past.

After TheStar Sengsimeawyim has won the score of Rittitawada Sittikul in Suek Muai Thai ChedSee on last Sunday at Morchit Muay Thai camp. Then, later trainer Toon Knongkee has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that he would like the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to cheer up for TheStar by quaranteeing on his performance to be the winner continuously. Then, in the future he might become the master couple boxer easily to fight in 134-135 pounds , and now he can face with everyone after winning Rittawada to have his better body condition and heart. As the result, he is ready to face with Rittawada again without escaping.

Trainer Toon said that now he is accepting that TheStar has his strong heart to fight ; however, recently he hadn’t fought continuously prior to win the boxer from countryside by fighting in 134-135 pounds. Thus, we are ready to fight with full performance.

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