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Muay Thai – Battlefield to National Sport from real muay thai camps  .

Muay Thai is a combat sport that was originated thousands of the years back  in the battlefield. Now it is a national sport of Thailand and is a part of  martial arts. In 16th century, Muay Thai become popular because of  the way it uses several body parts to defend the opponent. It uses eight limbs  including leg, shins, feet, elbow, and fists to completely control the  opponent.  After it has become popular, experts have been arranging  training camps in Thailand and other places to let people learn it and use it  for their self-defence.

Muay Thai Technique

Technique of Thai Boxing has two groups. First group is called mae mai, which  means major techniques. And the second group is called luk mai, which means  minor techniques. Thai boxing is a fighting art in which strikers’ exchanges  blows but not as the traditional blow to blow exchanges. Muay Thai, in fact,  makes complete use of the full body; entire body movements are made in Muay Thai  with kicks, punches, etc.

Like other combat fighting arts, Thai Boxing does not use many punches  against the opponent. It makes use of full body movements to hit the  opponent.

Elbow slash, horizontal elbow, uppercut elbow, forward elbow thrust, reverse  horizontal elbow, spinning elbow, elbow chop, double elbow chop, and mid-air  elbow strike are the techniques to learn in Muay Thai.

If you learn all these techniques then you will become a master in muay thai,  which is not an easy task. Unlike other combat fight arts, learning Thai Boxing  is not that easy as it may look. It is a hard job to learn with perfection,  however, if you join a training camp, which has been arranged by a native player  of Muay Thai. Native player means someone from Thailand who has been practising  it for a longer period and has good knowledge about what it is, what its  techniques are, how one can master it, and so on.

Finding camps arrange to provide training for Muay Thai is not difficult as  well. You may easily find them near you. You may search the Internet to find  Thai Boxing Training Camps in your area or near by.

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