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“Che Phui” ordered to fight with Portuguese boxer.

Che Pui Singnawaarwut or the beautiful female head of the boxing camp has guaranteed about the condition of his boxers that now they are ready to fight for sure. Moreover, although it is in Songkran day their boxers still have been fitted to fight with Antonio from Portuguese who has fought on Suek K One before. In addition, because Antonio is the diligent one , so he might be able to fight with Phetsrakaew Saksurin Muai Thai or his boxer with the funniness of course. In addition, it should follow the game of Phangafah Singnuanarwut or the young boxer of Luangpor from Utaithani province for fighting with Chailek of Rajabhat Chombueng Village , especially for his showing of good chin on Suek Chitmuengnon of 14th April 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium too.

Now, Although it is during Songkran festival Che Phui Singarwut or the head of the boxing camp still has his great 2 boxers in his boxing camp to fight on Suek Chitmuengnon. Besides, this program is of Somchit Wankaew for letting the boxers to fight on this Thursday of 14th April 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium between Antonido Singnawaarwut to fight with Phetkaew Saksurin Muai Thai in 140 pounds. Similarly, Che Phui has revealed that Antonio is the diligent Portuguese than his Thai boxer with his good practicing.

Furthermore, there might be Fah Singnawaarwut to fight with Chailek of Rachabhat Chombueng Village in 108 pounds. And, Phangadfah is the boxer of the monk from Utaithani province and then Che Phui has asked this boxer from that monk. Therefore, he has seen the good strategy to use the chin in excellent way , so the Muay Thai fans should come to watch for his game without missing definitely.

As the result, there might be Sodbuangen S. Siaphet to fight with Roilan Kertamtorn as the master one with his good body condition to be ready to fight. Therefore, the Muay Thai fans who don’t celebrate in the New Year day at the country side should come to watch this game.