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“Sangmanee” will fight in Perfume country or France.

Currently, Sangmanee S. Thianpho has his queue to fight in the international boxing stadium again by flying to fight in France with EI Khaicar Ayoub or Moroccan boxer with French nationality in Suek WCF West Coast Fighting broadcasted on this 7th August 2015. Furthermore, there will be Singmanee Kaewsamrit to join in this program too.

After in prior Sangmanee has fought in foreign country for the first time in Suek Top King World Series at Hongkong , now he has his hot form to fight in France or foreign country again. Therefore, on this 7th August 2015 he might go to fight in France for Suek WCF or West Coast Fighting by facing with EL Khaicar Ayoub or the Moroccan boxer with French nationality ,who has fought with Sam A before in 60 Kg.

Thus, this program is the big match because apart from Sangmanee S. Thianpho to fight in this game , there will be the new excellent Thai one or Singmanee Kaewsamrit to fight with the French one orĀ  Asis Halalee too after recently he has won Singdam Kertmu 9 in 67 Kg before.