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“Jamesak” want to fight continuum

Ya Kiattipetch, a big manager of Sakburyram muay thai Camp pointed the future path of Sakburyram and believe he have a chance to be the top boxer of Kiattipetch War after he show to great from whether lose or win. Ya tell Mr.Chun set Jamesak fight continuum, he will do his best.

Due to Jamesak Sakburyram knockout Abhisit Fonjangchinbury muay thai training campĀ and impress boxing fans to standing ovation loudly around the boxing ring in Muay Thai 7 color on Sunday 19th January at Vig Mochit in Thailand . Ya Kiattipetchreveals to Muay Siam reporter that “Since he fight with Petchchadchai Chaoraiaoi in the childhood, he have the stronger heart. Although he was punch and beat and count to eight in the thrid round, he still take it back in the third round and win. His heart is not have a weak point. I want to ask Mr.Chun set Jamesak fight continuum in anywhere. He can be a top boxer of Kiattipetch War.

“I am confident this child would have become a top boxer of Kiattipetch because since he fights with Petchchadchai Chaoraiaoi, he have the stronger heart. The latest fight he was punch by Abhisit and was count to eight in two rounds, he still take it back in the third round and knockout him. I ensures if he have the fight continuum, he do his best with anyone.” Ya Kiattipetch said.