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“Sorchor Lek” has commanded to fight with his full performance.

Now, Sorchor Lek Muengnon or Somkhid Makwong has commanded for Khunharn Sorchor Lekmuengnon to fight since the early match that he has defeated Phetphrab of 5 stars deawyim boxer in order to be confident that the boxing style of Khunharn might favor to the referees of channel 9 surely.

For Suek Atsawindam Springnews , it might broadcast on this Sunday of 18th October 2015 setup at Imperial Ladprao boxing camp as the master couple one of Khunharn Sitthongsak for bargaining weight to Phetphrab of 5 stars daewyim in 115-116 pounds. Then, lately Sorchor Lek Muengnon or the senior boxer of Khunharn Sorchor Lek Muengnon has revealed to confirm that now Khunharn should fight according to the slogan of putting his effort to tie up with no escaping to be the loser. Thus, he should fight severely since the early matches in order to favor the referees of course.

Sorchor Lek said that normally Khunharn isn’t fond of the bad solution , so Sorchor Lek has confirmed him to fight in the early matches severely until the last round. Besides, the slogan of Suek Atsawindam is to tie up his one with no escaping to be the loser. Thus, he is confident after fighting with Phetphrab , and it seems that Khunharn might be stronger. Finally, it believes that the boxing style of Khunharn might favor to the referees surely , so the Muay Thai fans might not be disappointed for this game definitely.

Believe or not that “Khunharn” is the real excellent one.

Now, RitChitmuengnon or the famous boxer from Chit Mueng Non Muay Thai training camp has SiaOunMuengnon to take care of the training in the great way. Then, it is confident that with his good experience , he might overcome his couple boxer or the winner in all match as KhunharnlekKertchareonchai of course for fighting as the second couple boxer of SuekKertphet on this 30th December 2015.

Promoter Chun Kertphet and the teamwork of Kertphet has made the new list of couple boxers on the final match to fight on this Tuesday of 30th December 2014 at Lumphinee boxing stadium with interesting program by bringing the excellent couple boxer in Payakthongkham team or the faith one for the Muay Thai fans to fight as ones after being favor to the Muay Thai fans. Now, all couple boxers might fight on this 30th December 2014 ; namely, the master couple boxer or the new one that is Wittayalek Phetsemuen to fight in 102 pounds with the channel 7 or PhetrungSitsornong , which is the attractive one for the Muay Thai fans much because of the freshness of Phetrung following by the second new couple boxer between RitChitmuengnon to face with KhunharnlekKertchareonchai to fight in 107/108 pounds.

OuanMuengnon revealed that for Rit , he is ready to defeat Khunharnseuklek or the winner in 12 matches because he has his more experiences than his couple boxer no matter of facing with Yodatsawintransports , AnuwatNumyeantawanna and PrachanbarnWisutchareonyon. Then, it should make a prediction whether Khunharnlek might overcome Rit or be the loser , so it might invite the Muay Thai fans to watch for this couple boxer in this time.