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Devote to buy “Khwandome” for 1 million baht.

Now, Suek OneThongChai is still the favorite one of the Muay Thai fans ; moreover, in the last million baht program , there would be Rambo Thungsong or Khwandome Tormeanburi , who has overcome Champesarn Suriyannoi Orbortor Khamphee to be the winner for 8 matches continuously. Then, it is satisfied by the big boss to pay for him in one million baht if he can move to his boxing camp , and now he gains 30,000 baht to fight in 103-104 pounds

Now, Wittaya has emphasized with the reporters of Muai Siam that in the last program Rambo Thungsong has fought to be impressed by the Muay Thai fans of Suek OneThongChai Million Baht. Moreover, lately 2014 he has never lost to anyone ,so it should best regard for the referees to consider the prizes of him as well as others too. In addition, there is the head of big boxing camp , who impressed with Rambo’s form to pay for 1 million baht to him if he can move to his boxing camp.  Then, Wittaya has thanked for him too because of his good supports from times to times.  On the other hand, Rambo is the nice one with diligence and giving money to take care of his family , and now he gain 30000 baht for fighting in small weight already. As the result, in the next year or in A.D. 2015 , he might be the champion in the next program for sure. Thus, the Muay Thai fans should cheer up for him without being disappointed absolutely.

For the last statistic,  Rambo has defeated of Saaek Sitphameuk , Wiarya Sujeebameekaew , P. Telakul , Toto Sripanomyim , Kobee P. Telakul , The Winner S. Pongamorn , Papaelek T. Laksong Muay Thai training camp , Phetrungriang Sitnorasing , The Winner S. Pongamorn and Suriyannoi Orbortor Kamphee.