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“Lamnamphong Num Yean Tawanna muay thai camp” has smaller size with his patience.

Num Yean Tawanna or the big boss of Num Yean Tawanna Thai boxing camp accepted that the shape of Lamnamphong might have more disadvantage than Bangpleenoi 96 Pheenang , but he doesn’t have more disadvantage for his patience. Thus , On this 4th March 2014 the boxing fanclub should come to cheer up this couple boxer fighting at Lumphinee in Ramintra to be happy for seeing Lamnamphong to be the winner of course.

Num Yean Tawanna or the big boss of Num Yean Tawanna revealed to accept after Sia Ting Somkert Traiphattanaporn has brought Lamnamphong Numyeantawanna or his boxer in the boxing camp who just lost to Mondam on last week to face Bangpleenoi 96 Pheenang in Sangsawangphanphla program on this 4th March 2014 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Ramintra that although Lamnamphong has more disadvantage on smaller size than his couple boxer , he hasn’t got his patience less him for sure. Then, I would like the boxing fanclub to watch this game and is confident that Lamnamphong might be the winner for sure . Moreover, for the last match that Lamnamphong is the loser  it was because of his less talent than Mondam. However, for this match , he has his good attention to fight , so he might have chance to be the winner.