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“Numnoi” would like to gain the prestige from “Raffee”.

Numnoi Mueng Hadyai , Singphatong and Bangkaewphittayakhom have confirmed to bring Raffee Singphatong or the French one to be the champion of Weather Weight at Lumphinee no matter how hard it is.

Numnoi or the boss of Sitnumnoi boxing camp , Singphatong and Bangkaew said that now Chun has brought Raffee Singphathong to fight on Weather Weight at Lumphinee. Besides, he will fight with Pongsiri P. Siripong or the champion of 147 pounds on channel 7 in Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this 2 September 2016. In addition, they said that they will try their best to let Raffee to be the champion on this game after being successful with Damian for Lumphinee. Thus, he is the first foreigner one on his boxing camp to become the champion of Lumphinee. Then, in this time they mightn’t let this good chance to be disappeared for sure. What’s more, now Raffee has been the champion of the World Thai boxing council , and he would like to build up his honor to be the champion of Lumphinee also.

“Nengen shouldn’t be careless after “Oungree” might gain his good form back.

The litunent Chate has warned to Nangen Luakchaomaesaiwaree to prepare himself well for fighting with Oungree S. Dechaphan. Besides, he should be as strong as the past with accepting and making understanding for his fresh couple one. Then, in this time he might come back to be the great one to become the excellent boxer of 108 pounds.

After Oungree S. Dechaphan had come back from registered to be the solider of the nation , his good form is disappearing. However, lately he has overcome his proponent or Praewpak Sorchor Wichitmuengpadraew on channel 7 successfully. Fortunately, now he might fight with the champion of 105 pounds at Lumphinee boxing stadium or Nengen Luakchaomaewaree on Suek R Airline that might broadcast on this 6th May 2016. Then, with his fresh form , the senior one or the commander Surachate Dechaphan or the litunent Chat has bested regard for Nengen not to be careless for this boxer by preparing himself as the most way. In addition, now the good form of Oungree with his good body condition to be returned , so he has setup the goal to be the champion of 108 pounds after he has grasped the champion in 105 pounds for two boxing stadium on both of Rachadamnern and Lumphinee boxing stadium before.

The Lietunent Chate said that because Oungree has his more experiences to fight with the large ones , so the Muay Thai fans should follow the pieces of work for him well in order to call for his greatness again.

“The commander Thad” has supported “Khonchon” to be the well-known boxer.

The commander Thad Phumphanmueng is really proud for the form of Khonchon Phumphanmeung after he has showed the impressive form to the Muay Thai fans on channel 7. Lately, he can overcome Phetsaiphon Arawan by showing the beautiful form to become the well-known one further and being  the champion.

For Phumphanmueng boxing camp , lately the commander Sukthad Phumphanmueng is really happy for the work of Khonchon Phumphanmeung ,who has showed the impressive form to the Muay Thai fans by overcoming Phetsaiphon Aerawan on channel 7 to gain the famous name.   Besides, the well-known commander has aimed to be the champion.

The commander Sukthad has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam that he is really glad that this boxer has his much development prior to win Daew Pharanchai. Lately, he has win the scores of Phetsaiphon Arawan on channel 7 by showing the fresh form with good attention. Then, it is surely that he might become to be the champion in the next match surely , especially for his good practicing. Then, the teamwork and he might support him fully to become the champion on channel 7 or at Lumphinee boxing stadium.

“Chun” emphasized that it has given the importance on every quality matches.

Chun Kertphet has emphasized that for Suek Kertphet no matter of the small or the big one , it should emphasize on the quality as the most way in order to maintain the good standard to work. Besides, it should let the Muay Thai fans to watch the full program broadcasted on this 4th December 2015 from the opening to the end of the program.  Then, the Muay Thai fans of Suek Muai Thai Ched See and Suek Kertphet might fight together again with the amusement of 5 stars.

Chun has revealed that for the working of him no matter of the small or the big match, it should recognize for the Muay Thai fans without making the few lists of boxers , on this 4th December 2015 he might make the lists of couple ones. Thus, on this match there will be the Muay Thai fans of Suek Muai Thai Ched See and the Muay Thai fans of Suek Kertphet to join on this game at Lumphinee boxing stadsium to let the Muay Thai fans to watch this another one.

For the master ones on this match , there will be the excellent boxer in 2 years ; namely, Phanphayak Chitmuengnon to grasp the champion in 126 pounds at Lumphinee boxing stadium with Kaona P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim , Yodphanomrung Chitmuengnon to get revenge with Dabransarakham , Choknamchai S. Siaphet to overcome Fahmai P. Ringram , Sprinter Pangkongphrab to fight with Yodsilafaretex , Taladkwag Saksamrit to fight with Sakulchailek Pangkongphrab and others.

“Datedamrong” or the severe 36- years old boxer might grasp the champion of MMA program.

Although now Date Damrong S. Amnuaisirichok or the former Muai Thai Champion in Lumphinee boxing stadium is 36 years old , but he has passed into the final round of MMA Boxing Program in Singapore to grasp the champion on this 11st May 2015.

After Datedamrong S. Amnuaisirichok has become to be the trainer in Singapore with his good name, now the former of Thai boxer in 105 , 108 and 112 pounds at Lumphinee boxing stadium or  36 years old boxer still shows the good performance by joining in Suek Championship of MMA boxing program until passing into the final round to fight on this 11st May 2015 at Singapore.

Lately, Datedamrong has revealed that now he has been living in Singapore as being the trainer at Evolve Gymnasiam , but he hasn’t still forget about Thai boxing by practicing himself all the times. Moreover, now he has joined into Championship of MMA boxing program to apply Thai boxing strategy for fighting in this program too , and now he has passed into the final round already to fight on this 11st May 2015. Then, he should increase his much strength to grasp the champion for Thai people.