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“Numnoi” would like to gain the prestige from “Raffee”.

Numnoi Mueng Hadyai , Singphatong and Bangkaewphittayakhom have confirmed to bring Raffee Singphatong or the French one to be the champion of Weather Weight at Lumphinee no matter how hard it is.

Numnoi or the boss of Sitnumnoi boxing camp , Singphatong and Bangkaew said that now Chun has brought Raffee Singphathong to fight on Weather Weight at Lumphinee. Besides, he will fight with Pongsiri P. Siripong or the champion of 147 pounds on channel 7 in Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this 2 September 2016. In addition, they said that they will try their best to let Raffee to be the champion on this game after being successful with Damian for Lumphinee. Thus, he is the first foreigner one on his boxing camp to become the champion of Lumphinee. Then, in this time they mightn’t let this good chance to be disappeared for sure. What’s more, now Raffee has been the champion of the World Thai boxing council , and he would like to build up his honor to be the champion of Lumphinee also.