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“Phet” asked for Chun to make the list of the couple ones on channel 7.

For Sitnaiphat Ch. Phatcharaphon of Rungsak Dewee , it might be another standard boxing camp to have the strength with the supporting of the teamwork of Phet Sitphetchalukan. Besides,  the couple ones always create the excitement to the Muay Thai fans all the times , especially for channel 7. Thus, the Muay Thai fans can cheer up the couple ones no matter of Phadetsuek , Chakdaew , Naona or Phichitsuek to grasp the hot prizes.

Lately, Phet Sitphetchalukan has revealed that he would like to send Phetkobthrab Sitphetchalukan to fight on channel 7 again. Then, he is really confident to make the list of exciting couple one to favor the Muay Thai fans surely. Lately, Phetkobthrab has won Densiam of Rachaphat Chombueng Village at Chitmeungnon to make impression for the Muay Thai fans of channel 7. Thus, Chun should consider in this subject.