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“Phetmai” is ready to fight for grasping the champion.

Phetmai Phumphanmueng has revealed his mind after now he has his opportunity to grasp the champion of Madang boxing round in 135 pounds on Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium. Then, he might fight with Sittisak Phetphayathai as the first couple one of Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 19th September 2015 at Om Noi boxing stadium. However, now this match might be the first match of his boxing life to fight for grasping the champion at Siam Om Noi as his dream. Then, he doesn’t want to lose this chance although he has his disadvantage for the good name and his experience.

Similarly, now Phetmai said additionally that on the last time the big boss of Phumphanmueng has come to send the encouragement to him as well as making the promise that he might grasp the champion for sure by being supported in the excellent way because of his good performance.