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“Wee” has tutored “Phetsongkhom.”

Bao Wee or Chareonthrab Kertbanchong has accepted that the way he might fight with Sitaek A. Bualert isn’t such an easy task. Thus, on this match he should take control of the beloved boxer or Phetsongkhom Sitnayokweerasak in order to practice hardest to overcome and pass into the Semi Final round of Toyota Hilux Rewo. Finally, on this Sunday the boxing fanclub should cheer up the couple one without disappointment.

For Suek Muai Dee Witheethai broadcasted on Sunday of 20th September 2015 at International boxing stadium in Rangsit, it might be the millionaire Toyota Hilux Rewo between Sitaek A. Bualert to fight with Phetsongkhom Sitnayokweerasak. Then, any couple boxer can pass into the Semi Final round instantly after both of them have won the program. Moreover, for the latest news, Baowee or Chareonthrab Kertbanchong or the senior of Phetsongkhom Sitnayokweerasak has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that for this match Phetsongkhom has practiced himself harder than the past for fighting with Sitaek because of his confidence to be the winner and pass into the Semi Final Round for sure.

Baowee said that recently Phetsongkhom has fought with Sitaek for twice times by taking turn to be  the winner and loser. In addition, he has fought with funniness every times; thus, on this match he has confirmed that Phetsongkhom might practice hardest with his perfect body condition. Then, the boxing fanclub can cheer up for this program without disappointment in order to let the boxer pass into  Semi Final round surely.

“Kingthong” has his couple one to fight ; the Muay Thai fans in Thailand can enjoy the match.

Kingthong Luakphrabat has confirmed that it will be the same couple one of SuekOneKingThong on this Monday of 25th May 2015 to fight without anyone to remove from this match.  In addition, there will be the master couple boxer or Phetsongkhom Sitnayokweerasak to fight with Klasuek Phetchinda in 125-126 pounds following by the second one or Khundaew Phayakkhamphan to fight with Phetsongmeung P.K. Kerttawan in 119 pounds. Thus, it should invite the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to send encouragement to them in this match too.

In this moment, there are full of the couple ones no matter of the master couple ones , the second ones and the supporting ones. However, now it will have the same couple boxers , so it should let the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to send the encouragement to them for be worth of money for every couple one.

In addition, there are several of couple ones ; namely, Phetsongkhom Sitnayokweerasak to fight with Klasuek Phetchinda in 125-126 pounds following by the second one or Khundaew Phayapkhamphan to fight with Phetrongmeung P.K. Kerttawan in 119 pounds as well as the supporting couple one or Sandate Muengnongbua to fight with Sanchanchai Raiouinatenakhorn in 114 pounds , Kito W. Wanchai or the Japanese one to fight with Kangkaewdang Huarongnamkhang in 113 pounds , Phetnakorn Th. Thurakityon to fight with ET Sitchekarn in 106 pounds and the first one or Pangpound S. Warittha to fight with Phothong Luakmu 4 in 112 pounds after bringing the master couple one or Namphon Luakmu 4 to fight with Phadetkarn W. Sukharom in 126 pounds and the last one or Kongsuriya Sitnathee to fight with Phetroinam Luakmuengphet in 116 pounds.