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Support Khomarwut to make the good legend.

For F.A. Group boxing camp, lately it always creates the great work to make strength of the boxers with the uniqueness of knees , and it has Phetbunchu F.A. Group as the model. Besides, Sia Riam Bophlabunchu or Buntham Riangyawee from Nongkai province has trained for the practicing with the supporting of Surapon Prasittiphan , who has been create the new star boxers. Besides, lately this boxing camp has Khomarwut F.A. Group to create the work elegantly again by kneeing up severely until overcoming Seabsuanlek S. Suphattra with several points , especially forĀ  his standing point of knee similarly with Phokaew Phonchangchonburi or the severe knee boxer also.

Sia Riam said that he is really glad that Khomarwut can show his good form until everyone has compared his form to Phokaew or the knee boxer. Then, he might train him well to create the good name and greatness of F.A. Group boxing camp.