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“Superjeng” is preparing to overcome his old one.

For Super P. Pheannaphat, it has confirmed that he has his perfect body condition in order to fight with Phetphusang Keelasports as the supporting couple one of Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday of 15th May in 2016. Then, in this time he would like to use his left fist with his left chin to overcome his couple one after losing at Chiangmai province before.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See that will broadcast on this Sunday of 15th May in 2016, Chun Kertphet or the promoter has made the interesting lists for 2 couple ones of 16th Phunsia boxing round  on the Semi Final round. Thus, if anyone has been the winner , he might pass into the next round , except to be the loser to be dropped out the program. Then, in this time Superjeng has paid attention to practice himself with good preparation to get revenge of his couple one in excellent way.

Therefore, after Superjeng has known that he will fight with Phetphusang on channel 7, he has practiced himself continuously until this Sunday counting as the 100 times. Thus, in this time he might beware of the elbow and various strategies as well as knees in order to get revenge of his couple one on after losing on the last match of 6th April at Chiangmai province with his disappointment.