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Predict the result of “Peankhon” after increasing weight to fight in 117 pounds.

Now, Thep Thamma has accepted that in the same weight , line and program, there is no couple boxer to fight with Peankon T. Surat. However, it should find the program and the couple one for this boxer to fight continuously. Additionally, he might be able to fight in 117 pounds in order to be the excellent boxer of the one institute of all with his good statistics not to lose anyone.

Thep Thamma said that now Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban has altered the couple one of Peankon from the  old one to Kumarndoi for fighting in 117 pounds on Suek One Thong Chai Million baht on this 30 November, 2016 at Rachadamnern with him. Therefore, with the hot form of Peankon , he might be the champion one in this game for sure. However, he can’t fight in 112 pounds due to no suitable one to fight with him,except for fighting in 111.5 pounds and being won on fighting of 114-116 pounds before. Therefore, it is confident on him to be the winner again after he has won continuously for several matches before in the old games.

It has all cleared the problem between Kamphanat and The director of Rachadamnern.

Now, Kamphanat Chusuwan or the big boss of K. Kamphanat boxing camp and one of the teamwork has brought the basket to make the apologies to the technical director of Rachadamnern already. Besides, in the earlier it had the misunderstanding with the moody mood of him. However, now he has his better mood after he has made the apologies to this technical director of Rachadamnern boxing stadium already with appreciate for the showing of kindness to his boxing camp and him much.

The big boss of K.Kamphanat said that now he has reviewed of his mistakes that he should improve himself much ,especially for his adulthood. However, now he has his better feeling after knowing that this technical director has understood about his role without any wondering to make the problem. Therefore, he still believes in the fairness of all directors not to be prejudiced against anyone surely.

“Sia Mor” has pointed that the excellent two couple ones will fight with each other amusingly for sure.

“Sia Mor” has made the lists of the great two couple ones ; namely, Phetsaipha Sorchor Wichitpadraew fighting with Khwan S. Plearnchit and Phomthong Singbansrang fighting with Rittidate S. Meeudorn on Suek Chuchareonmuaithai and Suek Safebuntham. Then, they will fight with amusement because of being the member of the big and well-known boxing camps to make the faith to the experts for paying a lot of money.

Besides, for Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai on this Monday of 27 June, 2016 at Rachadamnern , Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong and Safebuntham Phakpho have made the lists of the couple ones between the Champion Feather Weight Rachadamnern or Chomphichit Sitsavebuntham to get revenge of Superball Teemuenglei and other significant ones ; namely, Phetsaifah Sorchor Wichitpadraew fighting with Kwan S. Plernchit , Pomthong Singbansrang fighting with Rittidate S. Meeudorn , Rachasak Teedet 99 fighting with Chomphikhad Chuwattana and others.

On yesterday evening, Sia Mor has revealed about the couple ones on this program that apart from the master ones to be cheered up amusingly, there are others to fight with each other funnily because of coming from the big , reliable and well-known boxing camps. In addition, these boxing camps are Sorchor Wichit Padraew boxing camp , Sia Khwag P.K. boxing camp and Tee Teedet 99 boxing camp and others. Similarly, it includes of Rachasak and Superball to fight on this program , so it is believed that Sia Tee Teedet will give a large amounts of money on this game. Thus, the experts of boxer shouldn’t miss to watch on this program on Monday at Rachadamnern definitely.

The famous star or “Uongbak” will fight across with Phetyindee group or “Khumthrab” on Suek Chuchareon.

The head of Palangmai group has thanked you for the head of Phetyindee group to send the hot form boxer or Uongbak Sitsarawatsia or the different program boxer to fight on Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai on this 25th May with Khumthrab Eagle Muaithai for the first time. Then, this program might be amusing to favor the Muay Thai fans for sure as the fresh form of Uongbak and the much strength of Khumthrab of course.

For Suek Chuchareon Muaithai at Rachadamnern boxing stadium to be broadcasted on this Wednesday of 25th May, it will be the meeting between the different program boxers between Uongbak Sitsarawatsia from Phetyindee group fighting with Khumthrab Eagle Muaithai from Palangmai group in 129 pounds equally. However, this couple one have never fought with each other before , but Khunthrab has his more advantages on his fresh form , especially with his winning for several matches. Thus, he may have more chances to become the winner without making disappointment to his Muay Thai fans.

Sit Pakphanang has explained about this game that although Uongbak has his much strength than Khumthrab , but Khumthrab has his fresher form than this one. However, he should prepare himself well without being careless. On the other hand, it should thank you for the head of Phetyindee group to let this boxer to exchange for fighting in this match to make the good atmosphere. Therefore, in the future there will have a lot of fresh form and strange boxers to fight for several ones surely.

“Nengen shouldn’t be careless after “Oungree” might gain his good form back.

The litunent Chate has warned to Nangen Luakchaomaesaiwaree to prepare himself well for fighting with Oungree S. Dechaphan. Besides, he should be as strong as the past with accepting and making understanding for his fresh couple one. Then, in this time he might come back to be the great one to become the excellent boxer of 108 pounds.

After Oungree S. Dechaphan had come back from registered to be the solider of the nation , his good form is disappearing. However, lately he has overcome his proponent or Praewpak Sorchor Wichitmuengpadraew on channel 7 successfully. Fortunately, now he might fight with the champion of 105 pounds at Lumphinee boxing stadium or Nengen Luakchaomaewaree on Suek R Airline that might broadcast on this 6th May 2016. Then, with his fresh form , the senior one or the commander Surachate Dechaphan or the litunent Chat has bested regard for Nengen not to be careless for this boxer by preparing himself as the most way. In addition, now the good form of Oungree with his good body condition to be returned , so he has setup the goal to be the champion of 108 pounds after he has grasped the champion in 105 pounds for two boxing stadium on both of Rachadamnern and Lumphinee boxing stadium before.

The Lietunent Chate said that because Oungree has his more experiences to fight with the large ones , so the Muay Thai fans should follow the pieces of work for him well in order to call for his greatness again.