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“Sankeng” is ready to fight with “Phanseuk”.

Sankeng Keelasports or the former champion in 122 pounds on channel 7 has disappeared for more than 1 year. Thus, on this week it will be Kaewbu to fight with Suek Sitnaiphat as the master couple one of the program in Suek Maemaimuaithai at Ortorkor 3 Nontaburi province. Then, Sia Khamchan Saokhamkhat is really certainly that his disciple might become the champion because of his good preparedness.

Sankeng Keelasports or the former champion on channel 7 in 122 pounds of channel 7 has disappeared for more than 1 year. However, now he has come back to practice himself for several months as the master couple one of Suek Maemaimuaithai on this Sunday of 9th August in 2015 at Ortorkor 3 of Nontaburi province.

Sia Khamchan Saokhamkhat or the head of the boxing camp has revealed with the teamwork of Muai Siam that it is certainly that the beloved boxer might be the good fortune again with his good preparation. Thus, on this match he might fight with Phansuek Sitnaiphat as the fresh form boxer with good body condition. On the other hand, it believes that Sankeng might use his experience and strength to overcome the boxers funnily. Therefore, it should best regard for the boxing Muay Thai fans to watch for Sankeng in order  to be the more famous.

Claim that “Sankeng” is the loser.

Sankeng Keelasports or the former of 122 pounds champion on channel 7 had been defeated by Chalarmkhao Kertchalermphob or the strong one from the South by being elbowing and finally lost the champion. Then, now he is still wonder and would like to grasp for the champion again.

Besides, normally Sankeng always protects the champion , but he has faced the problem when fighting with Chalarmkhao Kertchalermphob muay thai camp to grasp for the champion. Finally, the original champion or Sankeng Keelasports or the beloved disciple of Sia Khamchan had lost his champion by being elbowed until the referees should stop the game and  he had lost the champion of 122 pounds at channel 7 stage with disappointment.  After that, Sankeng feel blue and is still wondering about this game and would like to get revenge to his couple boxer to be the champion in once time.

Sankeng said additionally that “At that time , I had done my best , but I had still made the mistake. Then, I feel regretted to be careless for losing champion. Then, For this time I have to take back for my champion and tell Chalarmkhao to prepare himself well including to maintain the good form and his body condition in the good way.”