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“Phetmai” is ready to fight for grasping the champion.

Phetmai Phumphanmueng has revealed his mind after now he has his opportunity to grasp the champion of Madang boxing round in 135 pounds on Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium. Then, he might fight with Sittisak Phetphayathai as the first couple one of Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 19th September 2015 at Om Noi boxing stadium. However, now this match might be the first match of his boxing life to fight for grasping the champion at Siam Om Noi as his dream. Then, he doesn’t want to lose this chance although he has his disadvantage for the good name and his experience.

Similarly, now Phetmai said additionally that on the last time the big boss of Phumphanmueng has come to send the encouragement to him as well as making the promise that he might grasp the champion for sure by being supported in the excellent way because of his good performance.

“Kwanchai” is the boxer of Ya ; it should sympathized him to call for the fairness.

Ya Kertphet has asked for the fairness in the case that Khwanchai Phetnirote has altered to fight under Somsak Korsrang boxing camp and passed into the next round of channel 3. Thus, he feels puzzled much that what reason makes Kwanchai not talk to him first , so he might not accept for this case due to the defaming.

At this moment, Ya Kertphet has given the evidence to the head of the boxing camp for the correct document of Khwanchai Phetnirote to fight at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium. In addition , since A.D. 2001 this boxer has been fired on the fourth round after fighting with NiaKeeree Sitsamirthong and then Ya Kertphet has let him to fight in the countryside boxing stadium all the times to earn much money for his family. However, lately this boxer has moved into Somsakkorsrang of Somsak Jewwisate at Korat without talking to Ya by himself in order to fight in Weber boxing round on channel 3.

Furthermore, Ya has heard that this boxer has registered for the right to fight secretly after due the promise to him ,but this boxer is unable to move into another boxing camp without being agreed by him. Thus, Ya would like to hand in this subject to call for his fairness to the head referee of Thai Sports.

Additionally, Ya said that it should call for his fairness because everyone knows well that he has brought this boxer to fight throughout the country. However, this boxer has been fired on channel 3 , so he has let him to fight on the countryside until gaining the good name. Then, now he has registered with another boxing camp secretly without telling him and talking to him , so it is unfair for him surely.

“PH.D Pong” will support “Rungphet”

PH.D. Pong Wisatephaitoon might support Rungphet of 5 stars chicken deaw yim  if he can show his good form to win Superlek W. Sangphraphai beautifully as the master couple boxer of Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 18th January 2014 at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium.


PH.D. Pong said that “There will be the couple boxer to prove their performance between Superlek W. Sangphraphai muay thai camp and Rungphet of 5 stars chicken as the master couple boxer of Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 18th January 2014 at Siam Om Noi Thai boxing stadium in Thailand. Then, Superlek might bargain the weight for 1 pound as 125-126 pound.

In addition, Ph.D. Pong Wisatephraitoon revealed that “I emphasized for Rungphet to show his best form , so if he can win his couple boxer beautifully , I will support him with good prizes.


In addition,  I have confirmed to Rungphet to prepare himself well and show his excellent form to show the muay thai fans. Thus, if he can be the winner in this match , I am ready to give the special prize for him instantly because I am surely that Rungphet might fight with funniness of course.”